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Polyether ether ketone is a high polymer composed of repeating units containing one ketone bond and two ether bonds in the main chain structure, and belongs to a special polymer material. It has high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and other physical and chemical properties. It is a type of semi-crystalline polymer material with a melting point of 334 ° C, a softening point of 168 ° C, and a tensile strength of 132 to 148 MPa.
PEEK Attributes:
  • High temperature resistance: PEEK has a high glass transition temperature (Tg = 143 ℃) and melting point (Tm = 334 ℃). Its thermal deformation temperature under load is up to 316 ℃, and the instantaneous use temperature can reach 300 ℃.
  • Mechanical properties: Polyetheretherketone PEEK has rigidity and flexibility, especially the fatigue resistance under alternating stress is very outstanding, and can be comparable to alloy materials.
  • Self-lubricating: PEEK has excellent sliding properties, suitable for occasions with strict requirements for low friction coefficient and abrasion resistance, especially PEEK with abrasion resistance modified by carbon fiber, graphite, and PTFE.
  • Corrosion resistance: In addition to concentrated sulfuric acid, PEEK is insoluble in any solvents and strong acids and alkalis, and is resistant to hydrolysis and has high chemical stability.
  • Flame retardancy: PEEK has self-extinguishing property, even if no flame retardant is added, it can reach UL standard 94V-0.
  • Easy processing: As PEEK has the characteristics of good high temperature fluidity and high thermal decomposition temperature, a variety of processing methods can be used: injection molding, extrusion molding, compression molding, and melt spinning.
Our company has eight series PEEK products as follows:
PEEK Powder PEEK Powder
Carbon Fiber Reinforced PEEK Glass Fiber Reinforced PEEK
Anti-Static PEEK Wearproof PEEK
Anti-Static PEEK PEEK Fiber


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