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  • Product Name:PEEK Fiber, PEEK Monofilament, PEEK Multifilaments 
  • Synonyms: 4,4’-Difluorobenzophenone,hydroquinonepolymer; 
  • CAS No.:29658-26-2;31694-16-3 
  • Property:
    PEEK special fiber is made of polyether ether ketone resin by high temperature melt spinning。
    Polyether ether ketone has mang good characteristics, for example:
    High temperature resistance (UL temperature index 250 ℃),
    High strength (pure resin up to 94MPa, fiber reinforced up to 210MPa), 
    Chemical corrosion resistance (in addition to concentrated sulfuric acid, almost insoluble in any conventional chemical reagents), 
    Resistance to irradiation (can be 109rad, rather nuclear reactor core radiation intensity), 
    Resistance to creep (especially resistance to high temperature creep, 150 ℃ when it is quite nylon at room temperature), 
    High Flame retardancy (0.3mm thick, can accord with 94v-1;1.5mm thick, can accord with 94v-0), 
    Full combustion only produces H2O and CO2, does not produce any poisonous gas,
    High temperature hydrolysis resistance excellent (in 200 ℃ above condition, still have enough endurance) and so on .
    Polyether ether Ketone fiber has excellent performance: Tensile strength 400~700mpa (single wire breaking strength about 25~40cn/tex, Cn/tex), elongation 20%~40%, modulus 3~6gpa,loi value 35, melting point 334~343℃, long-term use temperature of 250 ℃. It has good physical properties, chemical stability, heat resistance and electrical insulating properties. 
  • Series:
    PEEK Fiber monofilament: diameter 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1mm.
    PEEK 3D Printing Filament:1.75mm
    PEEK multifilament Decitex/Fils (Denier/Fils): 75/15F (68/15) ; 115/15F (104/15);275/15F (248/15); 150/30F (135/30) ;230/30F (207/30) ; 550/30F (495/30) ; 190/36F; 238/36F; 1230/72F (1107/72); 1230/144F (1107/144)
    We can produce other decitex and filament count yarns according to your requirement, our dtex count ranging is from 125 dtex to 1230 dtex with different shrinkage, elongation and tenacity characteristics.
  • Applications:
    Polyether ether ketone fiber is a kind of whole aromatic fiber, the presence of ether bond and ketone bond makes that the fiber's high-temperature resistance, friction resistance and corrosion resistance are much higher than conventional fiber. 
    Polyether ether ketone fiber is mainly used in aerospace, equipment required for the structural components of composite materials, aerospace high-performance wire and cable woven sheath as well as the civil field of paper-making machinery of dry canvas, heat-resistant filter cloth, heat and corrosion resistance textile belt, composite materials (with fiberglass, carbon fiber mixed), energy industry, high-temperature materials.

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