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We can produce the PEEK granule and PEEK powder, now we introduce our Poly Ether Ether Ketone PEEK Granule for you.The characteristics of our PEEK Granular are as follows:

  • Mechanical characteristics: PEEK is a plastic that has both toughness and rigidity and achieves a balance. In particular, its excellent fatigue resistance to alternating stress is the most outstanding of all plastics, comparable to alloy materials.
  • Self-lubricating: PEEK has outstanding sliding characteristics in all plastics, which is suitable for applications with strict requirements for low friction coefficient and wear resistance. In particular, the self-lubricating properties of PEEK mixed with carbon fiber and graphite in a certain proportion are better.
  • Chemical resistance (corrosion resistance): PEEK has excellent chemical resistance. In common chemicals, only concentrated sulfuric acid can dissolve or destroy it, and its corrosion resistance is similar to nickel steel.
  • Flame retardancy: PEEK is a very stable polymer. The 1.45mm thick sample can reach the highest flame retardance standard without any flame retardant.
  • Peeling resistance: PEEK has good peeling resistance, so it can be made into thin or electromagnetic wires, and can be used under severe conditions.
  • Fatigue resistance: PEEK has the best fatigue resistance among all resins.
  • Radiation resistance: The ability to withstand high radiation is very strong, and it exceeds the best radiation resistance polystyrene in general resin. It can be made into a high performance that can maintain good insulation ability even when γ irradiation dose reaches 1100Mrad.
  • Hydrolysis resistance: PEEK and its composite materials are not affected by the chemical effects of water and high-pressure water vapor. Products made with this material can still maintain excellent characteristics when continuously used in high-temperature and high-pressure water.
  • Product Name:Poly Ether Ether Ketone PEEK Granule 
  • Synonyms: 4,4’-Difluorobenzophenone,hydroquinonepolymer;
    Poly(oxy-1,4-phenyleneoxy-1,4-phenylenecarbonyl-1,4-phenylene) average Mw ~20,800, average Mn ~10,300 
  • Molecular Formula:[OC6H4OC6H4COC6H4]n 
  • CAS No.:29658-26-2;31694-16-3 
  • Applications: The PEEK granule can be used the processing method such as extrusion molding and injection Molding.
  • Type: PEEK SY70G,PEEK SY50G and PEEK SY30G. the most difference of them are the melt flow index as follows:
Test condition
Melt flow index
380℃ , 5kg
g 10min-1

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