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Project Cooperations
We have a group of R&D, production, technical services engineers who focus on professional, technology-leading polyether ether ketone (PEEK), we can directly dock with customers in different situations, from project development, production technical support, we strive to provide customers with excellent technical solutions.
We have been working with customers in sealing, energy and other fields to develop a number of successful cases such as high temperature sealing ring, ball valve gasket, oil seal and get good feedback. 
After years of accumulated experience and technical precipitation, our R & D strength and production technology matures, the level of service continues to improve, the product market demand expand, we sincerely welcome customers in various fields friends to discuss cooperation, join hands in creating brilliant future.
Project Case Show:
Case 1
Cooperation unit: large domestic seal manufacturer
Cooperation projects: Development of seals for high temperature applications
Selection of products: ultrafine powder grade FD-PEEK
Our solution: We use ultra-fine powder grade PEEK, added to the PTFE prepared into a sealed product; PEEK ultrafine powder average particle size of up to 23 microns below, with good mobility, for its uniform dispersion in the matrix phase to provide assurance At the same time, FD-PEEK and PTFE blending and sintering process in-depth research and optimization, to help develop a stable and reliable production process to ensure product performance and considerable yield.

PEEK seal

Case 2
Cooperation unit: a domestic research institute
Cooperation project: the development of 300 ℃ high temperature sealing ring
Selection of products: superfine powder grade PEEK
PEEK seal

Case 3
Cooperation unit: large domestic petrochemical refinery
Spray products: chemical pump


Our Mission

Continuously provide the Poly EtherEther Ketone(PEEK),Polyphenylene Sulfone(PPSU) and Polyethersulfone(PES) with lower energy consumption and excellent performance for Industries
Continuously improve the technology of environmentally friendly

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