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Product Name:PPS Fiber, PEEK Monofilament, PEEK Multifilaments 
PPS is one of the most important high temperature thermoplastic polymers because it exhibits a number of desirable properties. These properties include resistance to heat, acids, alkalies, mildew, bleaches, aging, sunlight, and abrasion. It absorbs only small amounts of solvents and resists dyeing Breaking Strength:4.5-5.0cN/dtex.
Breaking Enlongation: 20-25%
Melting Temperature:280-295‚ĄÉ
Initial Modulus: 60cN/dtex
LoL: 35% min

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Continuously provide the Poly EtherEther Ketone(PEEK),Polyphenylene Sulfone(PPSU) and Polyethersulfone(PES) with lower energy consumption and excellent performance for Industries
Continuously improve the technology of environmentally friendly

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